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This is Hannah's Story - The Birth of Maverick

Let me introduce Hannah. She is a vibrant, warm and just downright cool chick. I first met Hannah when I started my photography business and put a call-out for a mother willing to allow me to photograph their birth. As soon as Hannah and I started chatting on Instagram, I knew we would get along. We had the same interests and style in baby things. Hannah and her husband, Macca, knew they were expecting a boy. So, we bonded over baby fashion and chatted about what life was like with a baby boy in tow.

Hannah fell pregnant quite easily the first time around, she was mindful that this is not the case for everyone so never really spoke about it - doesn't that just show how incredibly thoughtful she is. Hannah experienced morning sickness for 13 weeks but other than had a really enjoyable pregnancy. She was part of the Waijungbah Jarjum - Indigenous Midwifery Program offered through Gold Coast University Hospital which saw Hannah receive continuous care from incredible Indigenous Midwives.

Hannah held a lot of fear around birth until she completed Hypnobirthing classes. It was through this program where she gained the confidence in herself, her body and her baby back. She knew she could do it. She entered birth with an "everyone is born, so i can do this" attitude.

From here on I'm going to let Hannah tell her story, in her own truth and in her own words. Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your story with us, you know I think you're amazing but without you my journey and birth passion wouldn't be possible. I'll always hold a special place in my heart for you, Macca and. Maverick, My first birth clients.

" I knew I was getting induced at 5pm (due to concerns by care providers of a big baby) so I went to breakfast, a big walk with my dog and husband and a drive in our vintage car. We went and got a few more last items and rested at home but first we stopped via my favourite bakery for a sandwich - they were closed as it was 4pm - I cried lol.

I went into the hospital and they did an examination, put this balloon in and said I can go home. I am 40ish minutes from the hospital so I asked if I could stay as I had everything ready. I didn’t want to go home because it was now 9pm and I had to be back at 5am.

Lucky, I stayed, because at about 10pm I was in the worst pain ever - it felt like period pain x 1749274829 I felt like they (care providers) thought I was being a pussy when I asked for some pain relief! I guess it wasn’t that bad if you were expecting it, but, being first time labour, I wasn’t warned it would hurt - it was a shock! I ended up sleeping on the couch as the bed wasn’t comfortable and my husband was on the bed! I ended up being able to sleep most of the night - not sure about him! But I was woken at 4amish to have the balloon taken out and to have an examination. They told me I was dilated 3cm, they broke my waters and I was informed that I had until 9am to go into labour naturally so I could try a water birth.

That didn’t happen so I was put on the drip…. I was bouncing around on the ball, around 2 hours had passed and my midwife went on break and this midwife who was relieving her for her break must have turned it up. I guess they do that so we don’t hate our midwives hah! Then within another 2 hours I was on the floor trying to push the baby out, with two midwives present. I think this is when my actual midwife - from my continuous care program and Tiarne arrived! I had music the whole time, but I can’t remember what songs played at all to be honest! I was on a birth ball right at the start but all I wanted was the floor and the toilet, 🤣 sorry Tiarne.

I was in such a daze I didn’t even say hi, I hated everyone and everything ha-ha! Honestly the next 3 hours where a blur to me - maybe Tiarne can fill in the blanks all I remember was going from bed, to the toilet and back on repeat. I tried every position under the sun, I was exhausted and hated everything. The anaesthetist came in because I asked for an epidural. He told me that he was so busy and had and 8 women in front of me. In between contractions I did some calculations on how long one took and said well that doesn’t work for me, you need to do it now while you’re in here. He responded by telling me, it wasn’t that easy. I did call him a very bad word starting with c, next minute he’s back and finally giving me the epidural. I needed it, I was exhausted - I couldn’t push anymore - the baby’s head had been right there for hours now.

I had 2 hours break to relax and rest and then when 6pm rolled around, I got to push. At 5.50pm, I wanted an orange juice badly and my husband decided to go to the furthest orange juice location EVER! Whilst he was roaming the hospital, he ran into my best friend in the waiting room. She was also about to give birth! We invited her into our birth space, but she was about to give birth too… it was a race now!

Anyway, after 2 hours of pushing the head midwife (who I didn't really like) informed me that I had until 8pm otherwise they we’re going to do an episiotomy. The doctors came in and said "he’s right there, one push, I don’t want to cut you" - 8.16pm he was born - in that last push, while they waited behind the curtain!

I felt AMAZING - I was worried why he didn’t cry - I thought they had to cry - but nope he was fine! The midwife had to unwrap quickly the Umbilical cord which was wrapped 3 times around his neck!

The doctor came in quick as I was losing too much blood, she said "wow we just had 3 babies within 5 mins, were busy tonight!" It turned out that she just had come from my best friend's room! Our babies were born 3 mins apart! That was one of the craziest things to ever happen! We were offered the opportunity to go home after 4 hours but I had to come back the next day to get the catheter out, so I decided to just stay!

We were home 4pm the next day.

The first few days after Maverick's birth were Perfect, except the pain down below, and breast feeding completely wrong! - I was completely in love though.

Hannah and Macca have been trying for baby number two since Maverick was 4 months old. It's been an emotional ride for them this time around. Hannah fell pregnant after eight months of trying but unfortunately endured a miscarriage. Hannah and Macca are still on their conception journey, a year later. Hannah holds positivity and knows that her time for baby number 2 will be here soon.

Thank you Hannah, we appreciate you sharing your story with us.

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